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Hess & Associates, headed by Garrett Hess, is a Luxury Real Estate Team serving West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and the San Fernando Valley. Our goal is to connect buyers and sellers while creating relationships that are ever lasting.
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What’s Our Home Worth?

Home Valuation Reports

With all of the tools and resources on the internet, it may seem pretty easy to find your homes value.  Plug in a couple numbers and poof, the value of your home is generated.  Unfortunately, that’s not realistic.  When you have computer generated home values, it gives the consumer false hopes.  There are many factors that go into pricing a home, which you can find here:  Pricing Your Home


As local professionals, we study the market day in and day out, touring properties and building relationships within the community.   We want to extend our market knowledge to you.  This is not a computer generated report.  A member of our team will price your home accordingly in todays market.  The more information you provide us, the more accurate we can get.  For example:  Any updates, additions and or rebuilds help greatly.  Just provide us your email address and you’ll have the report within 48 hours.