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Hess & Associates, headed by Garrett Hess, is a Luxury Real Estate Team serving West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and the San Fernando Valley. Our goal is to connect buyers and sellers while creating relationships that are ever lasting.
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Marketing Your Property

A Creative Touch

Let’s face it.  Marketing a home is crucial.  If you think about how many properties are competing for the same buyer, they are often overwhelmed with numerous messages each day.  While in today’s society, attention spans are greatly reduced.  Buyers quickly scan what’s to offer – but they’ll only pay attention to advertising that speaks to them and addresses their needs.

Our marketing plans are designed with this in mind.  We mix traditional advertising with more creative techniques.

How Buyers Search

for Property

Yard Sign0%
Open House0%

*2013 NAR Buyers Report


In today’s fast-paced society, technology is the number one way information is delivery quickly and efficiently.  Maximizing your property’s exposure online is a top priority in our marketing plans.


The statistics  to the left show that online presence is necessary.  Once you’ve agreed to list with us our buyers instantly receive a text message or email when your property is entered into the network.  Your property details are just a click away from reaching a huge qualified database.


The power of social media has changed real estate marketing forever.  With just a few clicks of a button, your property can be in front of millions of potential buyers.  This works especially well for our international buyers.   With social media, we are able to create excitement before the property is even available to the general public.

Print Marketing Isnt Dead

Traditional print marketing is still a valuable part of any marketing campaign.  Even though many people will use the internet to gather information, we carefully select targeted media, that will be cost effective and result oriented.

With strategic placement in several publications, we are able to reach clientele on local, regional, and international scale.

Another great reason to invest in print marketing is the longevity of the message in the marketplace.  If done correctly, it’s a form of media that often sits around the home or office, with added research and repeat viewings of your property from the potential buyer.

Photography That Sells

With 92% of buyers starting their home search online, you need to have photos that pull the potential buyer in.  Most agents don’t want to spend the money on professional photos and potential causing their clients thousands of dollars.  

We don’t skimp on photos because we know how important it is.   As active agents, we scour the MLS searching for property for our clients.  If  the photos aren’t captivating, it makes me think the home isn’t right for my clients.  It’s important not only to sell the buyer but to sell the other agents as well.

All the marketing in the world, won't sell an over-priced home.

We’re Connected

Over the past 7 years, we have developed relationships with not only agents from our office, but with agents from different brokerages.  This is one of the greatest advantages we offer to our clients.  Maximum exposure ensures proven results.


By having these relationships, we are able to quickly notify agents who have perspective buyer clients within twenty four houses of your home hitting the market.  The quicker you are able to reach perspective buyers, the greater your chances are of a successful sale.


Keller Williams is not your traditional Real Estate Company.  That is why it is not surprising that it is the fastest growing real estate company in North America

Global Positioning

As a Keller Williams Global Property Specialist, we are able to reach foreign buyers on a global scale.  International buyers are ready to do business. In fact, from March 2011 to March 2012 the total amount of international sales dollar volume among international clients grew to $88.5 billion – a 24 percent increase.  It’s not just about putting the home on the internet anymore.  By reaching buyers overseas, it drastically increases your chances of selling your home.