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Garrett Hess is one of the top Real Estate Brokers serving West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood Hills. It's not about the size of the job, its about getting the results you want.
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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

As soon as you enter the magical city of Beverly Hills, you know you are enraptured in its rich history of Hollywood and the entertainment world.  Perhaps no city in America is so replete with luxurious homes and estates that populate its broad, palm-tree-lined streets that meander up into the exclusive hills that give the City its name.  Beverly Hills leaves little but much to the imagination. 


You can feel the glitz and glamour of world-famous shopping areas such as Rodeo Drive as you walk past the world’s most exclusive shops or dine in the many equally famous restaurants. Rodeo Drive is the centerpiece of this City’s premier shopping district — with every luxury brand represented within a 1block area. 


Homes can range anywhere from $2 million up to $100 million.

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